Are We Using Computers Or Are Computers Using Us?

Computers are just another electronic device that had been developed and modified repeatedly to fit our expectations. It was created to help man kind and lessen the stress on mankind. But, on a serious note, it is after the evolution of computers that the work pressure on people and even kids have increased. Computer is like a slow poison or a drug; it is too good to leave it at the same time it is too hard to live without it. Computers show more efficiency than human beings in finishing a work with perfection.

Computer – our well wisher

Computers play a vital role in our life. It makes your education easier. In olden days, students in schools and college had to make use of library and buy books. But nowadays, students have access to information they need in just few taps away. In office, they are like the bank lockers which hold our money and jewellery safely. It is also plays a major role in broadcasting live news and entertain from different parts of the world. They are used in controlling the satellites which transmit signals for our television shows and phone calls.

Due to improvement of computers, they are also used in launching satellites and controlling them from space. Computers are also used in industries. Most of us come across advertisements like CNC plasma cutter for sale; study CAD with some institute with exciting discounts; CNC machines for sale. CNC stands for computer numerical control which means large machineries are controlled by computer programs there by reducing the chances of losing of human lives. Computers are present everywhere like even when you are walking on road, you will find surveillance camera which are controlled by computers. In shopping malls, computers make billing easier and it leaves fewer chances to mistakes. Visit this link for more information regarding CNC plasma cutter for sale.

Computer – A devil disguise

Though computers are instruments that precisely record, analysis, consolidate and explain information which was founded for the enhancement of human beings knowledge, at times they fail miserably at doing the work. Though they are thought to be useful, they are equally causing harm to people and the environment. Companies which manufacture computers have lots of waste products which fill the electronic waste pits, apart from this; there are several other waste products. These types of waste are non-biodegradable which causes more harm to the environment. The toxic substance released from these electronic waste products deplete ground water and also make the land barren. When a computer is discarded or thrown away, most of the parts of compute are non-recyclable.

Apart from environment, they have a bad influence on humans. People get absorbed in social sites which they mostly reached through computer. Nowadays, your kids are having access to computer with internet. Internet has every answer for everything. Unnecessary knowledge is a poison in itself.

So many people find creative ways to die and kill because of this computer. International companies find easy to work in your country and you derive so many benefits because of it. But, it causes a lot of job stress and pressure in you. Due to computers, several people have lost their jobs and are facing unemployment. You might think computers have made life easier but it looks like it have changed the normal course of life and made it harder. This does not mean that you should not use computers, but you should make sure to use them appropriately.